2013 Craft Goals

mayanCalendarIn thinking about resolutions around 2013 (assuming there will be a 2013;-), I want one of my focuses this year to be around improving my craft as a software developer. I've been reading Apprenticeship Patterns by Dave Hoover, and its got me thinking about my path as a developer, and motivated me to think bigger picture.  Here's a list of things I want to do next year around improving my craft...

  • *Participate in an external industry group *- Believe it or not, there are some really good ideas out there, and companies that do software much better than we do.  I'd like to seek this out and get to know others in the craft.
  • *Contribute to or create an externally open source project *- I see this as a way to grow my software development skills, as well as to get to know others working in the same technology domains.
  • *Blog more externally *- I've picked up my internal blogging this year, but I'd like to test my ideas on a bigger scale.
  • *Go to a development conference *- I went to a couple of software development conferences while I was at IBM, and they ended up being great opportunities for inspiration and growth.  I am likely not going to get this paid for by DB, but it may be worth spending my own dime.  Doesn't mean I won't lobby for it though:-)
  • *Expand mentoring and coaching *- To me this is important.  Meeting with someone regularly is a great way to accelerate and focus learning.  I would like to continue investing in others, as well as find others that challenge me.  I'd also like to encourage is more in the lab.  We have some pretty awesome professionals around here in Cary, as well as some excellent new grads... Seems logical to pair!
  • *Spend dedicated time per week reading and learning *- This is a responsibility of a professional software developer.  Uncle Bob gave the analogy of a doctor - you'd hope that your doctor is reading medical journals and researching on his down hours - so should we.  When things get aggressive, its easy to drop this activity... You have to be disciplined in your planning and time to keep this.