6 Web Frameworks in 6 Months

In an effort to keep up with the explosion of browser-side single-page web technologies in recent years,  I'm starting a side exercise to understand the differences in approaches of each.

The plan:
Create a simple web program that produces a page that we commonly use at work:
A side by side Grid/form combination, that loads data from a web service.  I'll use whatever web service technology is complimentary to the technology.
It'll look something like this...

The Technologies:

  • March: angular (I've been hearing about angular the most of late - I figured this would be a good leadoff)
  • April: ember
  • May: hoplon or pedestal (Whatever the clojurescript community is gravitating to more come May)
  • June: dart
  • July: meteor
  • August: gwt (I know, I already work in this, but I figured I'd have some new ideas in it by the time I get through all these.  Also my hope is that it will have lambda support to try)
    I'll try to use the most appropriate web service layer for the task.  Some of the libraries above come with a web service technology, others I'll use what seems to fit (angular->node)

The plan is to take notes and blog what I find, with the hope that others will find it of some use.