A New Start

After about three and a half years at Deutsche Bank, this week I start a new job at Interactive Intelligence, working in its cloud platform and family of products.  Its great to be back at a tech company.   Especially one that's doing really cool stuff with web technology, and that has a really innovative culture.  The bank was great to me while I was there.  I worked with some great people and we overcame some difficult challenges.  I got to a point where my passions in software development diverged from the work I was doing in my day job at the bank, and I knew it was time to take the next step.

The first thing I'm working on is an EmberJS application so I'm excited about diving in, not only to the ember ecosystem, but other concepts such as ES6 new CSS concepts like flexbox as well.  There are some really cool things about the culture of the team, such as participation in meetups, hackathons, and open source, all things I look forward to partaking in.

My side projects and goals are still on, though they've slowed considerably in the job transition of the last few weeks.  I'm looking at my habit forming reactJS app still, and plan to post here as it is made.

Right now I have a bit of a fire hose of info to learn and become proficient in, but its fun and challenging, just how I like it B-)