Ember Best Practices Talks at InIn

Piggybacking on a great workshop by the Ember Weekend guys at our Interactive Intelligence RTP office, I've started to run weekly best practice workshops geared towards sharing knowledge with our development team, many of which are transitioning to Ember from other web technologies, such as Angular and Knockout. I've embedded the slides for the first two sessions below. I packed a lot of information in them for future reference, so they break most of the my presentation rules because they are heavy on text and light on animated gifs ;-)



We'll be continuing these talks over the next several weeks, so I'll try to share them where I can. Future topics include Engines, Ember Data, and Forms Development.

Also, I'm looking to incorporate into the Ember guides over the next several weeks some of this information that's not currently there, so stay tuned. Not a big "internal documentation" fan.