Going Back...To the Future!

BackToTheFutureDeloreanIncluded in my goals for the year is to explore a new programming language, as well as start becoming involved in open source.  I've looked around a bit and decided I'd really like to give Clojure a closer look.  I'm a bit fascinated by functional programming lately, and Clojure seems like a good place for me to start, since it is developed on the JVM, plus ClojureScript is compiled in to javascript - both spaces I've been working in for a while.  Also, it seems that Clojure is gaining some traction and popularity both locally and with some folks I respect.

For those that don't know much about Clojure, its a Lisp dialect - Lisp being a program language that's been around for over 50 years.  It seems the defacto development environment for Clojure (and other Lisps) is Emacs (as its Lisp based itself).  So anyways, on my own time, I'm taking up the emacs editor and starting some Clojure hacking (hence the time machine needed).   Since I'm a front end guy at heart, I'm looking at Pedestal - a new open source web app library built entirely in Clojure.

I'm excited about my dolorean trip.  I think it'll do a few things for me...

  • Get me good enough at emacs to speed up my coding workflow
  • Infuse in me some functional thinking that will undoubtably help the java and javascript code I produce for my current job
  • Understand some of the ideas behind another web application library, and possibly feed back ideas in our current we app environment (and vice versa)
  • Learn Clojure!
  • Give back to open source (if I can get around my current company's restrictions around it)
  • Be fun :-)
    P.S.  I see there's a Clojure/Pedestal meetup this month... I'll see if I can show up and learn from/with some folks that have been soaking in clojure a while....