Habit Wall - A Habit Forming App I'm Writing in React/Flux

After going to a cool JavaScript Meetup on React a couple of weeks ago, I decided to pick up a React app as my second webapp.  I got some inspiration from the Github contributions visualization to create an app that gives motivation and tracking for forming habits.  So for now I'm going to call this new app "Habit Wall".  Here's a wireframe of what I'm thinking...

HabitWallWireframeKind of like Strength-Tracker, I'm essentially building it for myself; to learn React, and to form some good habits;-)  I'll put it on Github once its underway.

The app will work like this:  You define habits and pick how often you will perform them.  The app will essentially build a wall (most frequent habits at bottom), and fill in bricks when you perform tasks.   Your goal is to avoid holes in your wall.

Once I get the basic wall building behavior going, the next step would be to introduce achievements.  Some kind of award for keeping it up for extended periods.

As before, I'll post updates as the app gets functional with thoughts on the technology.