Potential Ember Talks

Below is a list of conference talks I've submitted or am thinking about submitting. I like fleshing these out as they organize and consolidate my knowledge around the topics. I'll be working on these throughout the year and intend on giving fuller blog posts and some local meetup talks on them (at least the ones I don't scrap before then).

  1. My Experiences on the Ember Learning Team: Making OSS Approachable
    I'll talk about how I got involved in Ember and ended up on the learning core team, and what lessons I've taken from it.

  2. Let Ember Cure Your JavaScript Fatigue
    A live coded from idea to deployment tutorial, similar to the official Ember tutorial (or what its going to be), but also with some advanced features, such as fastboot(server rendering), liquid fire (animations), and others.

  3. Ember Engines at Interactive Intelligence
    My company is an early adopter of Ember Engines to bring multiple apps under a single console UI. I'll give an intro to ember engines and give a technical talk about about how we use them.

  4. Interesting ways Interactive Intelligence Uses Ember
    We've been using Ember since pre-1.0 and it has slowly grown into our defacto front-end technology. Over the last couple of years we've been doing some interesting things with the technology, including chat, engines, webrtc, geolocation, infinite scroll, and more. This talk will go into how we use ember to do some cool stuff.

  5. Testing Ember in the Enterprise
    When I started a working on this project a year ago, we had very little developer tests in our project. Since then we've adopted a healthy suite of Ember QUnit tests, along with integration into our CI process. This talk will go over our test setup, challenges in adding tests to a large, already-built application, and cultural challenges to adding tests to a large organization.