Several Things Cooking Ahead of EmberConf 2017

Looking forward to this year's EmberConf. I'm in a mad dash to prepare a few things for the conference.

"BonusConf" Talk on Developing an Application Platform with Ember Engines

I get to share some of the stuff my team is doing to scale our Ember UI over a large team of multiple applications. We've had to make a bunch of decisions since going "all in" on Ember, so hopefully this can provide some wisdom/ideas for others.

New Ember API Docs Application

We've been working over the past several months on replacing the current Ember API docs site, currently a Ruby application, with a Progressive Ember Application with the following new features:

  • Offline capable (with service workers and app cache)
  • SEO Friendly (with Fastboot)
  • Version Switchable (currently you only get the latest)
  • Private/Public API Toggle (currently you get all classes)
  • Support for JavaScript Modules
  • Responsive (Viewable on devices)
  • Accessible

Updated Tutorial

We've been collecting feedback and slowly but surely iterating improvements on the Ember tutorial. This week we dropped a big update that reorganizes tests in the hopes of making things a little less intimidating for new users.

Lightning Talk!

David Baker (also of the learning team) and I are giving an EmberConf mini talk on the changes we are doing to the API docs app and how awesome an OSS experience it was. Excited about presenting with him :-)