What I'm up to: February

catInBedSo its half way through the month of February and I wanted to get back posting to my external blog. One of my goals for this year is to get blogging externally, and that hasn't quite happened yet, so I'm pushing myself to get off my rear to do so.

Asset Sharing

It's been a productive year so far professionally I think.  One of the focuses of my spare time is to get a UI asset sharing platform off the ground at my work.  This has caused me to dive into customizing Jive to serve as a collaboration platform for UI developers looking to see what assets other teams are creating within the bank.  Many of us develop similar types of web applications and there is some degree of duplicated effort.  My thinking is a collaboration platform paired with distributed source control (Git), paired with a community that meets and discusses this stuff will go a long way.

Open Source

Another goal for me this year is to start contributing to open source.  I've been looking around a bit and am getting a feel for the areas that I want to invest.  Since I've been focusing on web development over the last decade or so, I figured I'd stick to that realm, but at the same time pick up a project that has a new language that would allow me to grow and stay current to where the industry is moving.  Two projects that look interesting are ClojureScript and CoffeeScript.  I'm fascinated a bit by functional programming and clojure seems like a good place start, while coffeescript intrigues me after programming in javascript for a while - seeing how working in a language that takes away much of the ugliness of javascript while keeping the good parts can change the experience.

Continued Learning

I continue to look to consume knowledge, to grow as a developer.  I've taken to listening to podcasts at night while I work out.  Some that I've really enjoyed include Relevance, FLOSS, Pragmatic Podcast, and Software Engineering Radio.  Its really interesting to hear about other technologies, as well as how others approach software development.

I feel like I have a lot going on and its a fun time to be a software developer.  Now I just need to bring myself to work out loud a bit more;-)